The Donation Fund

By The United Donations Club

This is a Fund for donors and corporate partners who wish to make a general contribution to projects without selecting one in particular.

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Philanthropy @Histoires de Parfums: Our Call for Action

December 7, 2014

At first

A range of contributions have been made to the Donation Fund: one-time and recurring donations by individual and corporate donors, cause-related marketing campaigns, and compensation programs for carbon emissions.


These contributions are then used for matching grants campaigns. Thanks to our generous donors and partners individual donations can be doubled or even tripled!


Matching grants campaigns are an incredible opportunity for project leaders to engage new donors. Many thanks in advance for all the campaigns you might help us create thanks to your contributions!

Our team

  • Corine Waroquiers

    Corine Waroquiers

Total: 8 318€ raised

  • 500€ Matching grants campaign #1
  • 1500€ Matching grants campaign #2
  • 3000€ Cause-related marketing campaign
  • 1000€ CO2 emission compensation program
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