Kazbegi Art House

By Marronnages - Les Hirondelles Du Forez

We support young Georgian felt craftswomen who work at the Kazbegi Art House, a social enterprise in a Caucasian mountain village.

At first

Following fascinating two-way exchanges between Georgian and French dancers, farmers, singers and craftswomen, we wish to support the Kazbegi Art House : a courageous economic and artistic enterprise, led by young local women.


Currently, the Art House only functions on a seasonal basis (6 months/year) : it is crucial to strengthen it, so as to guarantee its future.


In order to make the 6 Georgian women's jobs perennial, sales, workshops, trainings, diversification (wool mattresses, enamel) are being developed.

Our team

  • Carl Waroquiers

    Carl Waroquiers

    I am an agronomist, with a passion for exchanges between rural areas. I have participated in several fascinating exchanges between youth, farmers, dancers and singers from Georgia and France - a crossing of networks, so as to raise bridges and bring down borders. We are all very impressed by Tamara and her colleagues' artwork and entrepreneurship : such initiatives, carried by young women, are rare in Georgian rural areas, and deserve to be supported.

  • Tamara Sudjashvili

    Tamara Sudjashvili

    Tamara was born and brought up in Kazbegi. After studying at Art School in Tbilissi, she decides to return to her village in 2006, to create an Art House and a "Women's Centre". Today, six women work at the Art House, in the summer. They sort out, wash, dye, card and finally felt local sheep wool, creating a large variety of traditional and modern felt objects.

Total: 4 044€ raised

  • 40€/month Equipment to wash and card wool
  • 40€/month Material to produce cloisonné enamel
  • 800€ Study trip on wool in France
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