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By Syssi Mananga

We aim to teach music to orphans in Brazzaville – Congo. Learning music and playing an instrument is a powerful way for children to bolster their personal development and discover Congolese and international cultures.

At first

March 4th 2012, the neighborhood of Mpila in Brazzaville was reduced to rubble following an explosion of a munitions depot, causing thousands of deaths, injuries and displaced persons. Following this tragedy, Syssi Mananga (author, composer, musical interpreter Belgo-Congolese resident of Brazzaville) reached out to those affected at L’Orphelinat Notre Dame de Nazareth in Mpila, looking for a way to bring a smile to the faces of the children impacted by this tragic event. Syssi reached out through the medium of music; seen by Syssi as a passion, but also as a way to experience healing.


This initiative aims to teach orphaned children a musical instrument, specifically targeting those who live in the small orphanages of Brazzaville, Congo. The first to benefit from this project is L’Orphelinat Nazareth in Mpila.


The hope is that with increased funding, the initiative will provide this same service for at least five Congolese orphanages

Our team

  • Syssi Mananga

    Syssi Mananga

    A Belgo-Congolaise author, composer and interpreter, Syssi Mananga made her debut as a soprano in church choir. It is this passion for singing and harmonization that she wants to communicate to the children.

  • Amber Junker

    Amber Junker

    A professional singer and actress from America, Amber is also a recognized vocal coach. She has studied musical theater, opera and jazz. Based in Brazzaville for the next two years, she will teach our young students in tandem with Elie Mabanza.

Total: 2 766€ raised

  • 10€/month Singing classes in 3 orphanages
  • 10€/month Guitar classes in 4 orphanages
  • 40€/month Organize concerts and transportation
  • 10€/month Percussion classes in 4 orphanages
  • 30€/month Maintain instruments, new equipment
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