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We turn your complex presentations into simple immersive one-pagers

Bored of endless Powerpoint slides?

Dreaming of innovative corporate presentations?

This is it!

  • We designed the Storymaker to bring your stories to life and make the complex more tangible in a powerful one-pager presentation.

    - the Storymakers Team

The Storymaker is a simple and cost-efficient solution to:

  • Tell your stories well

    with just a few words, data, pictures and videos

  • Share your stories fast

    to get your latest projects out into the world

  • Renew your stories

    as you make progress

With our unique storytelling method

To engage your audience with:

We launched Storymakers in April 2015

With Lance Weiler, co-founder of the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University and "One of the 18 who changed Hollywood" (Businessweek, 2013)

And a range of clients are already using it

We take care of your stories for you

  • We collect

    your data, visuals, quotes

    and can take pictures for you

  • We create

    your Storymaker

    based on your content

  • You share

    your story fast

    on social networks, web pages...

In just 2 days for urgent requests

Or you can do it yourself!

We have packages with:

  • Licences

    We give you an account and a tutorial, you are free to do the rest!

  • Workshops

    Follow our digital storytelling courses, learn to build your presentations with our tool

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