Innovation by Daher

To promote collective intelligence
and accelerate our innovative projects

Daher created an innovation programme with:

    ESCP Europe Chair of Entrepreneurship

    For its launch, Innovation by Daher gathered:

    • 36 participants

      from Daher Top Management

    • over 2 days

      on 27-28 January 2016

    • at ESCP Europe Paris

      to promote innovation and creativity

    The challenge:
    to become the "Best in class of innovation"

    And make Daher's 150 year-long collaborative vision live on

    • Keep on dreaming this company, not as I dream it but as YOU do

      - Patrick Daher, CEO of Daher

    The method?
    A 5-step process

    1. Entrepreneurial reasoning

    # Explore effectual reasoning
    # Experience serendipity
    # Meet entrepreneurs in Fab Labs, accelerators, co-working spaces...
    # Develop distributed leadership skills

    Effectual reasoning: Effectuation : les principes de l'entrepreneuriat pour tous by P. Silberzahn
    Leadership: Du management au leadership agile by C. Dejoux; Ambidextrous leadership by C. O'Reilly III and M. Tushman

    2. Business models

    # Design a value proposition
    # Analyze market needs
    # Develop an economic model and build performance indicators
    # Explore conditions for sustainability

    Business models: Strategyzer by Y. Pigneur and A. Osterwalder
    Growth drivers: (re)Naissance : Quels leviers pour développer et transformer son entreprise dans un environnement de ruptures ? by the Chair of Entrepreneurship and EY

    3. Prototyping

    # Leverage ideas through material prototypes
    # Use material prototypes to push ideas forward
    # Discover quick and cost-effective techniques to create solutions (bootstrapping)
    # Adopt agile methods to design minimum viable products

    Rapid prototyping and design-thinking: An Introduction to Design-Thinking by Stanford D-School

    4. Pitching

    # Develop a short and effective set of arguments
    # Create a meaningful story and engage an audience
    # Produce a minimum communication package

    Storytelling, pitching and the art of persuasion: Talk like Ted by C. Gallo

    5. Beta testing

    # Collect feedback
    # Consider alternative options
    # Involve new stakeholders
    # Enjoy yourself!

    Innovation: La Fabrique de l’innovation by G. Garel

    7 projects
    have been initiated with this programme

    • Innovation Factory

      Daher's Fab Lab

    • Flight Premium Service

      The TBM shared and custom services

    • D.e. LINK

      The 3.0 hiring platform

    • Trust in Dem

      The collaborative observatory for waste dismantling

    • Me & My TBM

      The piloting performance measurement system: Box, Apps and Analysis

    • Wouze

      The warehouse organisation and optimisation system

    • Easy ID

      Daher's modern suggestion box

    And we are inspired by a new mindset
    to promote innovation

    Want to know more about Innovation by Daher?

    Read our feature by ESCP Europe and let's get in touch!

    Eric Martin - Chief Learning Officer, Daher
    Sybille de Gastines - Company-specific programs, ESCP Europe

      Launching Innovation by Daher

      In partnership with the Chair of Entrepreneurship


      ChaireEEE, Storymakers